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More captivating than traditional tabletop exercises and less expensive than 3rd party facilitators, the VORTTX scenario training changes variables, situations and outcomes based on the choices of staff for an evolving experience. With 3,000+ potential combinations, staff will not be disengaged by repeating situations or boring presentations.
VORTTX is a highly effective and efficient way to train and test facility staff in groups, teams or on an individual basis. Improve staff preparation while lowering training cost and scheduling hassles with the VORTTX online solution.
VORTTX is designed to be the most user-friendly variable outcome training solution available. Multi-part, multi-level scenarios provide a unique experience every time. VORTTX training utilizes shift, time-of-day and real world complications to present robust training and testing opportunities.

Facility leadership receive a summary report of each training exercise for licensing compliance as well as seeing areas of needed improvement in staff training. VORTTX provides better staff preparation while reducing the time and cost of planning, executing and documentation.


VORTTX can be an important part of any facility staff preparation:

  • • Operational excellence with any-time, any-shift training and testing
  • • Compliance with local, state and federal licensing reporting
  • • Internal efficiency with staff performance summary
  • • No need for special technology or hardware except for an internet connection (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone)
Welcome to the future of facility staff training. Welcome to the VORTTX.